Role UX/UI Designer, User
Duration 2 months
Responsibilities User research, user testing, ideation, wireframing, prototyping
As a Sales Support Administrator at Coldwell Banker Realty, one of my main responsibilities was to onboard new real estate agents to the office. The onboarding process is something that is brought up every staff and marketing meeting. Each meeting, we would establish a new process, but due to the lack of agent and staff buy-in, the process would be discussed at the next meeting again. 
One of the biggest challenges of onboarding a new real estate agent is getting all the required materials from them. Chasing down headshots, biography, and a time to meet with them usually involves many phone calls, emails, and time that could be devoted to more productive tasks. 
There are many moving parts when an agent joins a new brokerage. Transferring credentials with accreditation organizations, completing paperwork for district associations, etc. The onboarding process feels fragmented for both the real estate agent and administrative staff involved. 

Problem Statements
Real estate agents need a better way to submit their information to their new real estate brokerage because they have limited time and other tasks to complete to make a successful transition. 
Real estate support staff need a better way to onboard new real estate agents because real estate agents are hard to reach and staff devote a lot of time to following up with agents. 

Seamless Troubleshooting Options
One of the most common problems I had to troubleshoot for agents is password recovery. Currently, the easiest way to reset an agent's password is by calling the corporate help desk or navigating to the main agent portal to invoke the password reset procedure.
The login screen in the onboarding app guides users through the password reset process and gives users the option to reset their password over the phone or via email. 

Reset password flow with two options for users

A Leader in Technology and Real Estate
A product like the Coldwell Banker Onboarding App would position Realogy (parent company of Coldwell Banker Realty) as an industry leader in technology. 

The simple form format is easy to use, straightforward, and simplifies the new agent onboarding process for both real estate agents and administrators. The section that asks agents to check topics that they are interested in informs administrators of the new agent's priorities. This way, administrators can tailor their services to align with the agent's needs, making the onboarding experience more personalized. 

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